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22.11.2020 7:49

  • NONE
  • These guys sold me a Shadowlands code, 2 days later the code got deactivated. Contacted support to find out these guys sold me a code that was purchased using a stolen credit card. Then when I tried to get a refund they tell me i have to wait for the vendor to “investigate” so now i won’t have Shadowlands when it drops… Super Mad.

Told me to get a screenshot, then told me to get a screenshot that the tech specifically stated the key (first time they replied they just said the code was purchased using a stolen card but didn't say the #) so I get them to reply with the code and then still have to wait for an "investigation" lmfao what a joke.

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20.05.2020 22:26

  • Some games are good deals.
  • -Hidden fees billed days after a transaction

Time of delivery: 4 days and more


-Extremely poor customer support

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14.11.2019 22:51

  • hidden fees while using paypal
  • refuses to deliver my key without seeing my id first

Terrible service. Do NOT use.

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10.02.2019 15:09

  • quick delivery and the support is fast to answer
  • - hidden fees shown after you've chosen what to buy
  • - asks for money to pay by paypal, which is contrary to paypal terms
  • - vendors are not checked beforehand

Time of delivery: 30 minutes


_Bad_ website. Had a duplicate key, and started working with support. Soon enough I was asked for screenshots that I gave, then asked again to contact steam support.
This is not how business work. You provide an article, you have it working, or you refund it. Period.
To this day, I still haven't got my refund or a working key. Posting one bad review per day is the game I'm playing instead of what I bought.

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14.11.2018 7:59

  • Prices
  • Website
  • Some sellers

Time of delivery: 1 hour


I purchased a key there with an offer from they have a full review of gamivo website so in my case all went good and I can recommend